Graphical Analysis and Graphical Analysis Pro include an export function, located on the file menu (top left icon in the application). One of the export options is Graph Image. Choose this option to save an image file containing the current graph view. Graphical Analysis will prompt for a location to save the image file. Save it either to local storage on your device, or a cloud location such as Google Drive.

Once you have saved the file, you can insert it into a document.

Inserting into a Google Docs document
a) Create (or open) the document that you want to add the image.
b) Position the cursor where you want the graph to go.
c) Choose Image from the Insert menu.
d) Navigate to the location you saved your downloaded graph image. Highlight it, and click the Select button.
Your graph will be inserted into your document.
e) Resize the image as needed.

Inserting an image in a Word document is basically the same.