This TIL refers to the KidWind 2V/400mA Solar Panel (KW-SP2V).

For panels shipped before April of 2019:

According to the attached specification sheet, the Solar cell type is: Polycrystalline PET
This is a laminate of plastics and polycrystalline silicon solar cells.

The spec sheet indicates the solar cells are from Lithuania, but the manufacturer has also communicated to us that they may also source solar cells from Malaysia.

For panels shipped between April of 2019 and October of 2022:

We changed suppliers of our solar panels in April of 2019. This style has wires molded into the back panel, and no longer has visible posts. These were panelized for Vernier in California, and the cells may have been sourced from a variety of countries.

For panels shipped after October of 2022:

The form factor of the solar panels changed. According to our supplier, these are monocrystalline (PERC) 5 busbar (5BB) solar cells, 21% efficiency.