When an Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) is connected to a Go Wireless Link, the attached sensor can be identified incorrectly. This happens when you have a “dry” electrode, one that has not been properly soaked, or when the sensor is “in air” instead of a liquid. In these situations, the signal drifts out of the 0-5V range, which affects the sensor identification value reported by the Go Wireless Link. The ISE may identify improperly as a CO2 sensor, a Voltage Probe, or a Current probe or can cycle through several different sensors.

In order to have the ISE identify correctly when using a Go Wireless Link, be sure to follow the sensor booklet guidelines (shown below) for soaking the sensor prior to use. In addition, make sure the white reference contacts near the tip of the electrode are immersed in a liquid when using the ISE with a Go Wireless Link.

Preparing an ISE for use – Soak the electrode
Soak the electrode in the High Standard solution (included with the ISE) for approximately 30 minutes. The ISE should not rest on the bottom of the container, and the small white reference contacts near the tip of the electrode should be immersed. Make sure no air bubbles are trapped below the ISE.