LabPro has built-in firmware similar to an operating system on a computer or mobile device. It is possible for the firmware to become corrupt. Also, if LabPro has gone unused in a long time, you may need to update the firmware in order to connect to current versions of Logger Pro software. There are a few methods for restoring or updating LabPro firmware.

Option 1
If you have a TI USB Conductivity cable (a.k.a. Graph Link cable), this is the easiest way to update or restore a LabPro. Tip: Math teachers often have one or more of these special cables stuffed in a drawer somewhere since Texas Instruments included the cable for free with some calculators. You can also purchase the cable – TI Connectivity Kit USB (GLC-USB).

See full instructions at: How do I update a LabPro or CBL2 interface using a TI Connectivity Cable?.

Option 2
Send the LabPro to us and we will do the update for you. To do this, contact to request a Return Merchandise Authorization.