LabPro has built-in firmware similar to an operating system on a computer or mobile device. It is possible for the firmware to become corrupt. Also, if LabPro has gone unused in a long time, you may need to update the firmware in order to connect to current versions of Logger Pro software. There are a few methods for restoring or updating LabPro firmware.

Option 1
If you have a TI USB Conductivity cable (a.k.a. Graph Link cable), this is the easiest way to update or restore a LabPro. Tip: Math teachers often have one or more of these special cables stuffed in a drawer somewhere since Texas Instruments included the cable for free with some calculators. You can also purchase the cable – TI Connectivity Kit USB (GLC-USB).

See full instructions at: How do I update a LabPro or CBL2 interface using a TI Connectivity Cable?.

Option 2
As long the LabPro plays the “happy beeps” when powered up, it can be updated using an older version of Logger Pro (You can learn more and play the beeps in LabPro gives unfamiliar beeps or does not make the "happy sound."). Use this method if you cannot use a TI Connectivity cable.

To update the firmware on a LabPro using Logger Pro, you must install Logger Pro v3.10.1 (Windows) or 3.10.2 (Mac). Contact Vernier Software Technical support to request that version. Once you download the old version, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the current version of Logger Pro as the Logger Pro installer does not handle downgrades very well.
    On Windows use the Add/Remove program feature.
    On Mac, just drag Logger Pro to the trash and then empty the trash.
  2. Install the older version of Logger Pro.
  3. (Windows only) Manually roll the USB driver back. See:
    How to reinstall old USB drivers after installing Logger Pro 3.11 or newer.
  4. Connect the LabPro to the computer via USB.
  5. Launch Logger Pro 3.10.X. When the application detects the device, you will be presented with the opportunity to update the firmware on the LabPro.
    Caution: While the update is happening, do not turn off the computer, let it go to sleep, or let it go into a low power mode (i.e. screen saver running). Interrupting the update while its running can brick the unit.
  6. When you finish the firmware update for all of your LabPro interfaces, you can upgrade Logger Pro to the current version.

Option 3
Send the LabPro to us and we will do the update for you. To do this, contact to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (note that there may be a charge).