Graphical Analysis app data files can be saved from within the application as files with an .ambl or .gambl extension. From there, files can be shared with other people via the cloud service of your choice.

To save your file, choose Save from the File menu at the upper left corner of the Graphical Analysis app screen. Choosing to save the file to a cloud file-sharing location, such as Drop Box, Google Drive, or iCloud, will allow you to share the file with others.

For example, if the Graphical Analysis app file is saved to Google Drive, the file can be made accessible to user on other devices. You can share data between different users who have separate Google Accounts as follows:

The person with the data
     – Go into “My Drive” and share the file with the other people. You will need their Google e-mail addresses.

The recipients
     – After the file is shared, launch Graphical Analysis.
     – Choose Open File
     – Navigate to the location of the file and select the shared file.
     – Note: Double-clicking the file will probably not work.  You will need to follow these steps in order.

Note that iOS reads Google drive locations differently, and Graphical Analysis won’t be able to recognize compatible files. To work around this behavior of iOS, use the iOS Files app (not the Google Drive app) to select and then Move the desired file from Drive to a location on your iOS device, or on iCloud (or any place not on Drive). Then open the copy as above.

For this to work, several things must be in place on the iOS device:
You must have the Google drive app installed, and you must be signed in to your Google account in it.
You must have enabled Drive in Locations in your Files app.