If you start data collection, Graphical Analysis is expected to continue to collect data, even if the power management settings are set to turn off your screen before data collection completes. If the screen does turn off, you can check to see if data collection is continuing by waking up the screen. How you do that could affect data collection.

Graphical Analysis app uses the space bar as a shortcut to start and stop data collection. This convenient shortcut can be problematic if you use the space bar to wake up your computer or Chromebook. If Graphical Analysis is currently collecting data, tapping the space bar can stop data collection. If Graphical Analysis has completed data collection, tapping the space bar can start a new collection in a new data set (although your previous data will still be stored in the app).

We recommend waking the computer or Chromebook by moving the mouse or tapping a key other than the space bar.

Graphical Analysis Troubleshooting and FAQs