Printing from Graphical Analysis, Graphical Analysis Pro, Spectral Analysis or Instrumental Analysis uses a path of exporting a file containing either graph image or the data.

The exported graph image is most often inserted into a document for reports, but if you just want to print the graph or the data, the exported file can be opened and then printed using any graphics viewer application, including ones provided by the operating system.

In the app:

  1. Choose Export from the File menu (the page icon).
  2. Choose .CSV or Graph Image.*
  3. Use the resulting dialog to save the file (.csv for data, .png file for graph image).
  4. In Google Drive (or where ever you saved the file) open the file.
  5. Choose Print and follow the print dialog steps.

     * Some versions for iOS and Android™ do not have the Graph Image option available. In this case, printing from a screen capture is a good option.

To capture images of an app as they appear on your device, use screen capture tools and print from the captured screen shot.

Regardless of platform or method, you’ll need to have printers configured so that your Chromebook, computer, or mobile device can talk to your printers. For example, in the case of Chromebooks, Google has Cloud Print and HP makes “HP Print for Chrome”. Both of these make setting up printers easier.

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