Removing Broken Capillary Tubes from a Melt Station

Follow the steps below to remove a broken capillary tube from the Melt Station. Caution: Do not handle a broken capillary tube with your fingers. Wear safety glasses or safety goggles.

1. Turn off the Melt Station and allow it to cool to room temperature. Unplug the power cord from the device.

2. Place the Melt Station unit on its back side so the capillary tube slots are as close to horizontal as possible. This will make it easier to safely remove the glass shards.

3. Remove the two threaded screws holding the lens panel in place. Set the screws and the viewing lens aside.

4. Use a 3/32 inch hex key to remove the two screws holding the metal spring fingers in place. Set the screws and spring fingers aside. Use the same hex key to loosen the screw holding the glass window in place. Slide the glass window up to remove it, and set it aside. Caution: The edges of the glass may be sharp.

5. Use an appropriate tool to carefully remove the broken capillary tube from its slot and deposit it in a glass waste container. If the capillary tube is loose in the slot, you can very carefully tip the Melt Station over to slide the tube into a waste container.

6. Replace the glass window, metal fingers, and viewing lens. Carefully tighten the screws to be snug rather than extremely tight. Remember that you may want to remove these pieces again in the future.

If you encounter any problems, contact or call Technical Support at 888-VERNIER (888-837-6437).