To use a LabQuest Stream wirelessly with Logger Pro, you must be running version 3.13 or newer. For macOS, you also must use macOS 10.13, 10.14, or 10.15. macOS 11, 12 and later changed the way Bluetooth works and do not support a bluetooth connection to Stream. Use USB instead.

1. Turn on LabQuest Stream and connect a supported sensor. The Power LED will glow green and the Bluetooth LED will flash blue.

2. Pair LabQuest Stream with your computer. The LabQuest Stream serial number, shown on the back label, is the device name. This step is required by some computer operating systems to provide user control over what Bluetooth devices the software can use.
macOS: Open System Settings, navigate to the Bluetooth settings, and pair with LabQuest Stream.
Windows: Open the Settings dialog for Windows, navigate to the Bluetooth settings, and pair with LabQuest Stream.

3. Launch Logger Pro and choose New from the File menu.

4. From the Experiment menu, choose Connect Interface > Wireless LabQuest Stream > Scan for Wireless LabQuest Stream.

5. Select your device from the list of discovered devices. If your device does not appear on the list, click Rescan.

6. When connected, the Bluetooth LED on the LabQuest Stream will glow blue (no longer flashing). You are now ready to continue your experiment.

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