In LabQuest version 2.7.0 and higher, LabQuest App includes an e-mail setup wizard-style tool that allows you to setup certain e-mail accounts, (Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail and some others,) by entering the username and the password and not having to specify technical details like servers and port numbers. For more detail, see:
     How do I set up LabQuest 2 to email data with a Gmail account?

This method also uses a more secure type of encryption. The new security requires the clock on LabQuest to be accurate. Normally the clock on LabQuest 2 is synchronized by several methods* and so it is normally fairly accurate, but in the event that none of those have happened and the clock is off by months or years, the encryption will fail and you will get a message indicating:

“There was an error communicating with your email provider (code 4). Please try again later.”

The solution to this is to set the clock manually:
-Tap Home.
-Choose System.
-Choose Time&Date.
Typically you will want to set your timezone:
-Tap to the right of the word “Time Zone:”.
-If you have never set it, it will probably says “posix/UTC”.
-Set the correct date and time.
-Setup e-mail again, and the security should pass.

*Methods LabQuest 2 uses to set the clock:
1) NTP: Network Time Protocol. When LabQuest 2 is connected to a Wi-Fi network, it will attempt to contact a server on the internet and set the clock. Some Wi-Fi networks will block this.
2) GPS: If you turn on the GPS, LabQuest 2 sets the clock based on the GPS signal.
3) Connected to a computer running Logger Pro/Logger Lite. If you connect the LabQuest unit to a computer, LabQuest will set its own clock to match the computer.