It will work; however, you must use the TARE key instead of the ZERO key.

The TARE key is available on the following OHAUS Scout models. (OHAUS Scout Pro models continue to use the ZERO key.)

OHAUS Scout® 220 g (OHS-222)
OHAUS Scout® 420 g (OHS-422)
OHAUS Scout® 120 g (OHS-123)

To read negative masses up to the capacity of the balance, you must use the TARE key to tare the balance. Place the object on the balance and press TARE. The balance will read zero. As mass is removed from the balance, the reading will be negative and continue to drop up to the capacity of the balance.

OHAUS Scout balances will not read less than -1.99 g if you use the ZERO key to zero the balance. It displays Error 8.4 (OHAUS error code for weight reading below “Underload” limit) whenever the zeroed scale reading drops to -2.00 g or below.