Go Direct® Temperature Probe (GDX-TMP)
Specifications and User Guide

– Primary Test: Press the power button on the sensor to turn it on. (The red LED will be flashing.) Start the data-collection app and select the sensor from the list of available sensors. (The green LED will be flashing.) Hold the tip of the sensor in your hand and check for the temperature readings to change.

What is the difference between a Go Wireless sensor and a Go Direct sensor?
Go Direct Temperature sensor reports a constant non-zero value.
My Go Direct Temperature is stuck at 0 degC

Probe dimensions
– Overall length (handle + shaft): 18.5 cm
– Stainless steel shaft: length 11.5 cm, diameter 4.7 mm
– Probe handle: length 7 cm, maximum width 3.5 cm, depth 2 cm

Each sensor is carefully calibrated during the manufacturing process. This sensor cannot be calibrated by the user.

If the sensor can be turned on when connected by USB but not when disconnected from USB, the battery either needs charging or has reached its end of life and can no longer hold a charge. First, try charging the sensor for several hours. If the sensor still won’t turn on when disconnected from USB, the battery has likely reached its end of life. If you intend to use this sensor wirelessly, the battery will need to be replaced. The rechargeable battery in this sensor is covered by a one year warranty but should last two to five years in typical use.
How do I replace the battery in a Go Direct Wand-Type Sensor?

Micro USB Cable (CB-USB-MICRO)
Go Direct® 300 mAh Replacement Battery (GDX-BAT-300)

Go Direct® Charge Station (GDX-CRG)