The app Spectral Analysis is used on Chromebooks for data collection with the Vernier family spectrometers.

The original SpectroVis (SVIS, discontinued) (sold 2008-2010) does not work with older Chromebooks that run an old version of the kernel, which is the internal software of the device. The kernel version is distinct from the ChromeOS version, which is version 77 in fall of 2019.

The symptom is only a failure to connect; there is no error message.

Use a different Chromebook with an up-to-date kernel.
Use a SpectroVis Plus (SVIS-PL, discontinued) (sold 2010-2016) or a Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer (GDX-SVISPL) instead.

To determine the kernel version on a Chromebook:
After logging in to the Chromebook, press Ctl-Alt-T, then type

uname -r

in the resulting window. Kernel 4.4 or newer is needed.

Availability of kernel updates depends on the manufacturer of the Chromebook. Some Chromebooks cannot be upgraded to a newer kernel. Consult the manufacturer of your Chromebook for more information.