Determine if you have a Polar H7 Module or a Polar H9 Module on your heart rate monitor. The Polar H9 Module has a grey label. The Polar H7 Module is black and has Bluetooth smart written underneath the Polar logo. Both modules uses a simple watch battery (CR 2025, 3V) that can be easily replaced.

The Polar H9 Module has a battery case that is designed to “pop” off using a lever type of action. There is a depression next to the battery case on the back of the module. A small screwdriver or house key works well to pop open the case.  

The Polar H7 Module has a slot in the battery case. The battery case is opened by turning the case from the “closed” to “open’ position. The cap can then be removed and the battery can be replaced.

Please watch the videos below for proper removal and replacement of the batteries in each module.

Polar’s video on how to change the battery in the Polar H7:

Polar’s Video on how to change the battery on the Polar H9