LabQuest 2.8.1
• Various bug fixes related to using Go Direct Sensors via USB

LabQuest 2.8
• Go Direct Sensors via USB connection
• Addressed an issue where units left in a suspended mode for five days could leave the LabQuest in an unusable state.
(Note: a future release of the LabQuest 2 App will support Go Direct Sensors via Bluetooth)

LabQuest 2.8 and 2.8.1 Known Issues
• Go Direct devices show up in the Go Wireless Setup dialog as Barometers. Attempting to connect to the sensor fails. This is true of older releases as well.
• Default data rates are reported as 0 Hz in localized versions of the app where a comma is used as the decimal separator. To collect data, you must first enter a non-zero value for the data collection rate or interval.
These will be addressed in a future release of the LabQuest App.

LabQuest 2 Release Notes