No application published by Vernier Software & Technology, including Logger Pro, Graphical Analysis, Graphical Analysis Pro, Spectral Analysis, Instrumental Analysis, Video Analysis, LabQuest app, Thermal Physics, Video Physics, or LabQuest Viewer, collects or transmits any student information to Vernier, nor does any app store any student identifying information on servers. This is true of our apps for macOS, Windows, ChromeOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Android.

We have no information about the identity of student users of Vernier-published products. In short, we have no student data.

No advertisements are ever shown to users.

Vernier Software & Technology does re-sell a product called Pivot Interactives. Pivot Interactives is published by Pivot Interactives, SBC, and is distributed, not published, by Vernier Software & Technology. Use of Pivot by students requires the creation of user accounts that may use the student names, email addresses, and passwords. The Pivot Interactives privacy statement describes how Pivot uses and protects student information. Vernier does not hold or control any student data used in the Pivot product.

See also the Vernier Terms and Conditions and the Vernier Privacy Notice.

Do you track users of Graphical Analysis Pro or Vernier Video Analysis?