This is an error that results from the LabVIEW installer attempting to install the LabQuest driver. The LabQuest USB driver that was included with this installer is no longer valid on Windows computers. When you run the installer you will get a series of three popup dialog boxes explaining that the WinUSB driver installation failed. Click OK for each of these dialog popups to allow the installer to continue. The installer will install all of the LabVIEW files, but not the LabQuest driver.

If you are using SensorDAQ or Go! Devices then simply disregard the error. The LabVIEW files for SensorDAQ and Go! Devices are properly installed and do not use the LabQuest driver.

If you are trying to use LabQuest with LabVIEW then you need to get the proper LabQuest USB driver installed on your computer. To do this, simply install the latest version of our Graphical Analysis (GA) software using the GA Download

Test that you can communicate with your LabQuest by opening GA and taking some measurements with your LabQuest device. Then test your LabVIEW sample code that was installed in the LabVIEWexamples directory.