If you only connect your Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer (GDX-SVISPL) by USB, then no update is needed. If you wish to use it wirelessly by Bluetooth, it may or may not need updating depending on the following criteria. To confirm that your unit requires the update, please check that all of the following are true:

1. It is a Go Direct SpectroVis Plus (order code GDX-SVISPL). Older models such as SpectroVis (order code SVIS) and SpectroVis Plus (order code SVIS-PL) cannot be updated.

2. The ID number is lower than 6341. Only units with ID numbers lower than 6341 need the update. The ID number is located on the top label. 4149-product.gdx-svispl._serial-number.jpg

3. The unit hasn’t already been updated. A small silver dot on the label located on the bottom of the unit indicates that the update has already been performed. 4149-product.gdx-svispl._update-dot.002.jpg

If you wish to connect your Go Direct SpectroVis Plus via Bluetooth wireless technology and your units are eligible based on the criteria above, please fill out this form to request the update for your units: https://www.vernier.com/forms/gdspu/

If your Go Direct SpectroVis Plus has been updated and still has issues connecting via Bluetooth, see:
     Why can't my device find Go Direct Spectrometer when I try to connect via Bluetooth?