The Go Direct® Acceleration Sensor (GDX-ACC) comes with the following accessories to attach the sensor to our carts and other equipment.
Shim plate for cart
U-bracket for cart (labeled A)
Cylinder/tube mounting plate (labeled A)

The U-bracket can also be used to attach the sensor to almost any platform using machine (or other) screws and nuts. The holes are appropriate for #4-40 fasteners with a 0.5 inch pan head and a 1/4″ nut. This bracket was specifically designed to attach the sensor to the Standard Cart (DTS-CART-S) using the DTS hardware with the shim placed between the sensor and the cart.

The cylinder mounting plate is useful for mounting the sensor to a tube (for example: a bicycle seat post or golf club). Use the U-bracket to connect the sensor to the cylinder mounting plate and attach the plate to the tube/cylinder using hook and loop, cord, zip-ties, or other fasteners.

We have also posted a slightly different version (labeled B) of the U-bracket and cylinder (aka tube) mounting plate on the Thingiverse. If you wish to print additional brackets, go to: and view Vernier’s designs. Note: the B versions on the Thingiverse have screw holes accommodate up to a 1/4 inch thread diameter. A U-bolt with 1.5 inch ID will fit through these holes for an alternative method of securing to a pipe or tube.

Here are some examples of using these for mounting on a bicycle seat tube and a box. You might think about mounting it to the platform of a shake-table in a similar fashion.
4183_bikepost_2.jpeg 4183_bikepost_3.jpeg 4183_Box_1.jpeg

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