We encourage you to use Graphical Analysis App whenever possible; however, support for some devices is not yet included in this application. Use the information below to determine which application to use based on your devices.

Graphical Analysis GW Required (Android OS 4.3 or newer)
Go Wireless Link (with supported sensor)
Go Wireless Temp
Go Wireless pH
Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier

Built-in sensors (accelerometers)
Google Science Journal (with Go Wireless Sensors)

Graphical Analysis App Required (Android OS 6.0 or newer)
Go Direct Sensors
Google Science Journal (with Go Direct Sensors)

Graphical Analysis App Recommended (Android OS 6.0 or newer)
Go Wireless Heart Rate
Go Wireless Exercise Heart Rate
LabQuest Stream (with supported sensors)
LabQuest 2 (Data Sharing)
Manual Entry Experiments (No Sensors)

For additional information, visit What is the difference between Graphical Analysis app (Graphical) and Graphical Analysis GW (GraphicalGW)?