Graphical Analysis, Spectral Analysis, and Instrumental Analysis for iOS and iPadOS use the native Files app to save and open files. When saving and opening files, you see the user interface presented by the OS. You can also go directly to this interface by opening the Files app. The Files app is part of the operating system.

Saving a File

When you save a file, it is saved to local storage on the device. By design, you do not have control over this location as we have found that saving files to certain cloud locations can be unreliable. At the time of saving you have the option to give the file a descriptive name. We recommend that you do so.

This local storage location is visible in the Files app in the location “On My iPad” (or “On my iPhone”), and then inside a folder titled “Graphical”, “Spectral Analysis”, or “Instrumental Analysis”.

Opening a File

You can open a saved file by choosing Open from the app’s file menu. The resulting view is from the Files app of the operating system. You may need to navigate back up to the top level of the Files app by using the button at top left; the button will have a left arrow with words that vary depending on what the next level up is called. Keep tapping until you see a list of locations headed by the word Browse at the top.

Tap “On my iPad” or “On my iPhone” to display a list of local folders. Choose the appropriate folder (“Graphical”, “Spectral Analysis”, or “Instrumental Analysis”) to access your files. Tap the desired file to open it.

Using the Files app itself, launched from the iPad or iPhone home screen, allows you to move, copy and rename files. The Files app gives you access to numerous storage locations. If you have installed apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive, you can copy and open files directly from those locations. For example, you can save a file from Spectral Analysis to your Google Drive from your Chromebook, and then later open that file on your iPad.

Access to locations other than local storage (“On My iPad”) requires that you install and authenticate the desired storage location. For example, to access your Google Drive, install the Google Drive app, then authenticate within the Google Drive app before using Spectral Analysis .

Apple has additional information on the Files app.

Note: there is a bug in the Apple Files app that will cause it to freeze when it is called by Graphical Analysis if the file name in GA contains the “/” character. Don’t use this character in file names.

How do I save and open files from Vernier Video Analysis on iPadOS or iOS?