This information pertains to iOS and Android devices.

Computers and Chromebooks do not support this functionality.

To use a LabQuest Stream wirelessly with Graphical Analysis or Graphical Analysis Pro, you must be running Graphical Analysis version 4.7 or newer.

Instructions for iOS and Android devices
1. Ensure your LabQuest Stream is charged or connected to AC power.
2. Connect your sensor to the LabQuest Stream.
3. Turn on your LabQuest Stream by pressing the power button once.
     The Power LED will glow green and the Bluetooth LED will flash blue.
4. Launch Graphical Analysis.
5. Select Sensor Data Collection from the New Experiment Dialog
6. Tap the Connect LabQuest Stream button
7. Select your device from the list of discovered devices. It may take a short while for this list to fill in.
     The LabQuest Stream serial number, shown on the back label, is the device name.
     When connected, the Bluetooth LED will glow blue (no longer flashing).
8. Tap Done to continue with your experiment.

Instructions for other platforms

  •      Chromebooks – Bluetooth connection not supported; connect by USB
  •      Windows and Mac computers – Bluetooth connection not supported; connect by USB