There are several different versions of Davis Weather stations. We sell three, listed below:

Davis® Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Stations (DWVUE) This is the least expensive weather station. It includes a Wireless Integrated Sensor Suite(ISS, usually put on the roof) and the console (inside your room). The Wireless Integrated Sensor Suite measures outside conditions (temperature, humidity, wind speed, rain, wind direction) and wirelessly transmits these data to the console. It has a battery, but also a solar panel to supply power. The console displays weather data measured in the room (inside temperature, inside humidity, and air pressure). It has a screen with an optional light and it displays both the indoor and outdoor sensor readings. It can graph the data on a small graph. It also displays time, date, sunrise and sunset times, moon phase, and weather forecast. You can even set alarms to go off when threshold readings are exceeded.

There is no way to add additional sensors to the Davis® Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Stations (DWVUE).

Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station (DWVP) is an expandable weather station. It also includes a Wireless Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) and a console. You can connect other wireless sensors from Davis Instruments (additional temperature and humidity sensor, soil moisture, etc), and you can add additional sensors right on the ISS. The Vantage Pro connects to its console wirelessly and displays all the indoor and outdoor weather conditions. It provides a small graph of the any sensor reading you want.

Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus Wireless Weather Station (DWPLUS) is the Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station (DWVP) with the addition of the solar and UV sensors to the Integate Sensor Suite (ISS).

With any of these three stations, it is easy to have your weather data displayed on the internet for anyone to see by connecting a Davis WeatherLink Live (DWL-LIVE).