There are some circumstances where movies in Logger Pro will show up in green:
1) Higher resolution videos, (low resolutions are fine.)
2) The computer is running Windows 10, Version 1803 (Type “winver” in the search box to see what version of Windows 10 you are running.)
3) Only certain video card driver versions have this issue.

This problem will often look like a codec issue, and indeed following the solutions for My video doesn't open in Logger Pro. What can I do? will often produce working a video from the green video. If your computer meets the conditions above it is likely that you will have this problem after trying to use video capture in Logger Pro, but video capture isn’t the only way to generate a video that will be all green.

Solutions to this problem include:
1) Update Windows to 1809 (via Windows Update.)
2) Downgrade Windows to 1709 ( )
3) Update your video card drivers, (you are more likely to get a new one from the manufacturer’s website than from Windows Update…)