– If an instructor sets up a Davis weather station and signs up for a free account on weatherlink.com or with the Weatherlink app and then adds the “device” to his or her account, the data will be displayed for the user at weatherlink.com or on the weatherlink app. If the new weather station is made public (under device options) the weather conditions can be seen by anyone accessing weatherlink.

The Davis Weatherlink app is available at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Here are some videos on how to use the apps:

Since the device you are using has GPS built in and knows where you are, it will find nearby stations. You can access weather stations anywhere by typing a location (City, for example) or a station name in the search field.

Once a station is selected the app will nicely display the data for the weather station. In addition, graphs of historical data can be displayed, but they are limited to the last 24 hours.

– Using the weatherlink.com website: You can access weather stations anywhere by typing a location (City, for example) or a station name in the search field. Anyone who logs on can access the “Bulletin” for any station. The bulletin lists the numerical readings of all sensors. You specify the station you want to access by typing the station name in the search field. No graphs of historical data are provided on the web site to free customers.

If the station owner wants to have access to graphs of historical weather data from the station, they need upgrade to the Pro or Pro+ level of Weatherlink. See.

One weather station you might check out is Vernier S&T, in Beaverton, Oregon.

– If the instructor uses the weatherlink.com web site to generate URLs for displaying weather station data, those URLs can be used by anyone on the internet. See for example:



These are for The Vernier office in Beaverton. These are not as complete as the Bulletin that the instructor sees on the weatherlink.com web site, but they contain the basic information: temperature, pressure, wind, rain, etc. Note that these URLs can be used on a computer, Chromebook, or tablet. No graphs are displayed.

– Davis Instruments now offer a Pro level of subscription. If you have a Pro level subscription, you can access historical data for all sensor readings for any time period, up to one year. You can also share your Pro access with another person or two. They then can access historical graphs of weather data from the station.