In Logger Pro 3, experiment files, such as the “03 Cart on a Ramp” from Physics with Vernier, are expected to work, as is, when using a Motion Encoder cart and receiver instead of the motion detector. However, a bug in Logger Pro 3 can prevent the software from correctly substituting the Motion Encoder system for the expected Motion Detector. The issue has to do with the state of the “Enable Motion Detector Live Readouts” preference when the software launches. If Logger Pro 3 launches with this preference unchecked, the software may not substitute the Motion Encoder system for the Motion Detector. (By default, this setting is unchecked in Logger Pro 3.)

To address the problem do the following:

  1. Launch Logger Pro 3 and adjust the preferences so that “Enable Motion Detector Live Readouts” is checked. (Preferences are accessed through the File menu.)
  2. Close the Preferences dialog and then close Logger Pro 3.
  3. Launch Logger Pro 3 again and open the appropriate experiment file. This should allow the experiment file to use the motion encoder system as expected.

If you have upgraded to the Motion Encoder system we recommend that you check the Live Readouts setting and leave it there to avoid this problem.

Motion Encoder System Troubleshooting and FAQs