Yes, you can do Graph Matching with Graphical Analysis and Graphical Analysis Pro apps.

A motion detector must be connected to Graphical Analysis app in order for this option to be visible. Click or tap on the graph option icon at the bottom left of any graph on the screen.
4483-Graph Tools.png

Click or tap Add Graph Match and choose either Position or Velocity. A single graph of the selected type will appear, with a three-segment trace for matching shown.
4483-Add Graph Match.png

Every time Add Graph Match is selected, a new matching graph will be generated. If you would like multiple students to use the same graph to match, there are two options:

1) After each student makes their matching attempt, hide or delete their data to allow another student to try. To hide the data, click or tap on the vertical axis label and toggle the switch next to the Data Set name. To delete or rename the Data Set, click or tap on the three dots next to the Data Set name.

2) Before any student attempts to match the graph, Save the Graphical Analysis file. Click or tap the file menu in the upper left corner of the window (it looks like a piece of paper with a folded corner). Choose Save As… and choose a descriptive title for the file. You can place this file in a shared folder or other accessible location, and multiple students can download the file to their own devices and try the same graph match.

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