To use Vernier technology with the OpenSciEd curriculum, you need to
A) download the complete unit from OpenSciEd
B) download the Vernier supplement

The Vernier supplement is not a standalone curriculum; the lessons in the supplement integrate into the complete unit from OpenSciEd.

A. Download the complete unit from OpenSciEd

  1. Find the unit on the OpenSciEd website.
  2. Create or log in to your OpenSciEd account.
  3. Download the version of the unit you want:
  • PDFs: download complete unit or selected files
  • Google Drive: Access view only files, which can be downloaded as Google files to your drive or as .docx files to your computer

B. Download the Supplement from Vernier

The Vernier supplements include directions for using Vernier equipment for a subset of the lessons in each unit. Only the modified lessons are included in the Vernier supplement.

  1. Find the supplement on the Vernier website.
  2. Add the supplement to your cart and complete the purchase process. You will not be charged.
  3. After completing the purchase, you can access the PDFs and Google docs in three ways:
  • Immediately after completing the purchase process, you will see a web page with links to download PDFs and open Google Drive to access Google docs.
  • You will get an email with links to download PDFs or open Google Drive. As long as you keep the email, you will be able to use the links.
  • Links to PDFs and Google Drive will permanently be available your Vernier account.

After downloading the supplement, use the Vernier files for the lessons we have modified.

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