Yes, the PSL Rotary Motion Probe can be used with either the ULI or the LabPro interface, but only if you have an adapter, which we used to sell, labelled ROT-ADP. Unfortunately we are totally out of this adapter. (Please note that Team Labs, formerly known as Personal Science Lab (PSL) went out of business in 2003.) It is not an easy adapter to make. It has an IC, a transistor, 12 resistors, 5 capacitors, and a custom printed circuit board. We are can no longer make this adapter.

If you have one of the adapters, here is how to connect to various interfaces.

ULI – you will need the ROT-ADP adapter.

LabPro – you need the ROT-ADP adapter as well as the ROT-BTD adapter.

***ULI users – EPROM 5.12 or newer is required in order for your ULI to work with the PSL Rotary Motion probe.