The ME-9207, ME-9207A, and ME-9207B (different revisions of the same product) all have a single 1/4″ stereo jack that connects to the ULI directly. To connect it to a LabPro or LabQuest interface, you need an HMP-BTD adapter. Note: It does not work using a DG-BTD in our tests.

Where can I get an HMP-BTD (Home-made photogate adapter)?

A metal ball is held at the top until you manually turn a release switch. The user then taps the pad on the floor. At that point the ball drops and the output of the phone jack changes to “Blocked” until the ball falls and trips the switch at the bottom of the device. The software responds as though it were set using gate mode.

Logger Pro includes an experiment file named “ME-9207 Free Fall” that is already set up for using this device.

There is one minor problem with the Logger Pro 3.1, 3.2, or 3.3 experiment files. The way the experiment is set up and what the notes imply is that you repeat the procedure several times with one run. This does not work well because the act of putting the ball in the holder usually causes a lot of false events. In version 3.3. the notes were corrected, but the file needs to corrected by either:
a) Changing the mode to Time-Based instead of Digital Events
b) Setting the experiment to end after three digital events and always striking the pad twice

LabQuest Software setup instructions

1. Since the device will not Auto-ID as a photogate, you will need to manually set up the photogate. You can do this by going to the Sensors menu and selecting Sensor Setup. . .
2. Set the software to have a photogate in either DIG1 or DIG2.
3. On the meter screen, you should see either “Blocked” or “UnBlocked.”
4. The timing mode defaults to “Motion.” Tap the word Motion to bring up the Photogate Timing setup screen.
5. Change the Photogate Timing mode from Motion to Gate.

At the end of the run, the LabQuest display will still be on the graph. Switch to the table view to see the numbers more clearly.

Logger Pro Software setup instructions

If you want to use this when connected to a computer, there is a Logger Pro experiment file named ME-9207 included. It can be found in:
Experiments Probes & Sensors Photogates ME-9207

You are now ready to collect data. For each run, you will need to:

1. Insert the ball in the release.
2. Tap the receptor pad. (The display should now show “Unblocked”.)
3. Tap or press Collect on the LabQuest. (The display will switch to the graph.)
4. Release the ball and let it fall onto the pad.

Revision history of the ME-9207:
-ME-9207 was the original
-ME-9207A had a modified signal output that was more TTL compatible
-ME-9207B added standard smart pulley mount so that it looks like other PASCO photogates