It will depend on several things. The easiest way to ensure no interference is to use our Go Direct water quality sensors via Bluetooth. If you are using LabQuest sensors or Go Direct sensors via USB, please see the attached documents for specific interference information.

Some combinations of sensors interfere with each other when placed in the same solution. The degree of interference depends on many factors, such as:
– which combination of sensors are being used
– which interface(s) is being used
– whether the interface is being powered by battery or AC
– whether the interface is connected to a computer or running as a standalone device
– how far apart the sensors are in the water
– the conductivity of the water

The documents below provides testing results for many combinations of sensors and interfaces.

For LabQuest sensors, see:

For Go Direct sensors, see:

One solution to this problem is to use the Data Matrix mode in LabQuest, which allows the use of one sensor at a time. Another solution is to electrically isolate the water being tested into separate cups or beakers when taking the measurements.

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