After talking with the people at Independence Science, we do not think there is a way to activate the Keep button, during Events with Entry or Selected Events data collection using Talking LabQuest 2. Now, you might be surprised at this, since Events With Entry style of data collection is frequently used, especially in chemistry. The two experiments I think of when I think about the use of Events with Entry mode are:
– titrations, where you use a burette to control the amount of titrant added and enter the volume in mL, using the Keep button, after each addition.

– Boyle’s Law, where you use a syringe to control the volume and enter the volume in mL, using the Keep button, after each volume change.

of these would work well for a blind student. In the case of the
titration, a blind student would be likely to use either a drop counter
or an electronic balance to measure the amount of titrant.

Since blind students are likely to use Talking LabQuest using Events in Entry and Selected Events modes is less likely, support for the Keep button never got added to Talking LabQuest 2.

Anyway, I have mentioned this to the folks at Independence Science and a future version of the program may support this.

A teacher came up with this ” work around”.” She placed a raised sticker on the LabQuest 2 screen, at the position of the Keep button. The blind student could press on that sticker to activate Keep.