The default data-collection range for the Thermocouple (TCA-BTA) is set to have the best accuracy between 0°C and 900°C. There are two other settings available for data collection if you would like increased accuracy at a lower temperature or a higher temperature.
• The low setting has the best accuracy for temperatures between –200°C and 0°C.
• The high setting has the best accuracy for temperatures between 900°C and 1400°C.

These different ranges can be accessed in Logger Pro or Logger Lite:
1. From the Experiment menu, select Calibrate.
2. Select your interface. This will open a new dialog box.
3. Click on the calibration storage tab, from the drop down menu under Current Calibration, select the temperature setting you would like to use.
4. Click on the Set Sensor Calibration button to store the low setting or high setting as the default calibration so that it can be used by default on other platforms (LabQuest, Chromebook, or mobile device, etc.). This action will bring up a new dialog box, click Set.

Alternatively, you can use the Go Direct Thermocouple. It auto-ranges and has a more consistent accuracy throughout the entire range.