The Pasco Adiabatic Gas Apparatus can be used with LabPro or LabQuest. You will need three DIN-BTA adapters to connect the sensor leads from the Gas Apparatus to the LabPro.

The Gas Apparatus will also work with the CBL2 or original CBL. In either case, you will also need three of the DIN-BTA adapters.

It does not work well with the ULI, because the ULI cannot take data quickly enough when three data-collection channels are used at the same time.

When used with any of the interfaces mentioned above, you will have to calibrate the sensors of the Adiabatic Gas Apparatus. Vernier does not own one of these devices, so we have not made up an experiment file with the necessary calibrations. The process should not be difficult. Pasco may even supply the necessary calibration data.

How do I calibrate a sensor in Logger Pro?