This only affects Mac OS 9 users with Logger Pro 2.x.

If you get the message “The driver for this device can not be found. Would you like to look for them on the internet?” when you first connect LabPro to your computer, you most likely have a version of Logger Pro earlier than 2.2.1 installed. Check which version of Logger Pro you have installed. If your version is earlier than 2.2.1, you should install the latest version. The updater is a free downloaded from the Vernier website at:

Note that Logger Pro 3 is also avalable now, which is both Mac OS X native, and has all-new drivers. For more info on Logger Pro 3, visit:

If you continue to get the warning message when you attach the LabPro, rebuild the desktop on your Mac. To do this, restart the computer and hold down the Apple and Option keys the entire time the computer is starting up. (These are usually the two keys to the immediate left of the spacebar). It will ask you if you are sure you want to rebuild the desktop. Just click OK, and it will run through a routine. What is happening when it does this is the computer is refreshing its index list of files on your hard drive (including USB drivers).

The version of the Macintosh Operating System is also important. Apple has made several improvements in the way the Mac OS handles USB device. For use with USB, Logger Pro requires OS 8.6, OS 9.1, or newer.

For trouble shooting purposes make sure of the following:

LabPro is running off of AC power and not batteries.

The USB cable is firmly connected to the LabPro and the back of the computer.

The USB cable is not plugged into a USB hub. Plug the USB cable directly into the computer. Some hubs do not provide the same power to the USB port that the computer USB port does, which can cause intermittent connection problems.

Finally, check to see if your network has any security software, such as Mac Manager, At Ease, etc, that could be disrupting data collection. The security software may have to be turned off in order to avoid occasional interruptions in data collection.