It is possible to take screenshots from Datamate. Follow the directions below to take a screenshot:

1) Navigate to the screen in the program you wish to capture.
2) Press the ON key, and then press ENTER to select QUIT.
3) Press the GRAPH key to bring up the screen you wanted from the program.
4) Hookup your Graph Link cable and start the TI-Graph Link program on your computer.
5) From the Link menu, select Get Screen to capture the calculator screenshot.

***On the TI-83 Plus calculator, this process will not work with the APP version of Datamate. You can load the TI-83 version of the program on to a TI-83 Plus calculator and then follow the above instructions. Another alternative is to download a file containing generic screen shots using the link below.

When you extract the contents of the Zip file to your hard drive, a file structure containing the main sections of DataMate will be created:


Within each of these folders are screen shots appropriate to the section.

Note: Even though Datamate for CBL 2 and LabPro is nearly identical, there are a couple differences. The splash screens will give slightly different information, and the setup screen displays the available channels for CBL 2 only.