An adapter is available from Data Harvest to make the EasySense DataLogger compatible with most Vernier sensors. We at Vernier have not tested this. Also, compatibility between the EasySense DataLogger and Vernier sensors is limited to the programs available. Vernier has not written nor do we have these programs.

The information below is gathered from the manufacturer’s web site and/or information from their technical support. Vernier Software & Technology has not tested the compatibility between our products and EasySense DataLogger. A number of factors contribute to the successful compatibility between various interfaces and sensors: physical compatibility, software, calibrations, voltages, etc. Refer to the manufacturer for information on the use of our sensors with their hardware and software.

-Interface: EasySense DataLogger
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Vernier SmartQ Adaptor, Product Number: 3051. Allows the connection of Vernier type sensors, using SmartQ technology the adapter automatically calibrates the sensor being used.