This information pertains to LabQuest 3.

If you have an original LabQuest or LabQuest 2, see this article.

Follow these steps to save your lab files to LabQuest 3. At this time, you can only add one file at a time as there is not an automated process for moving multiple files.

  1. Save your file as a PDF.
  2. Move the PDF to a USB flash drive.
  3. Connect the USB flash drive to your LabQuest 3.
  4. On LabQuest 3, select Experiment Viewer from the Home screen, then tap Open.
  5. Navigate to your file on the USB flash drive and tap the file to select it.
  6. Tap Open to open the file.
  7. Tap the button to the left of the Close button and select Save As.
  8. Tap the LabQuest button and navigate to where you want to save the file.
  9. Tap Save to save the file to your LabQuest 3 unit.

Repeat this process to add your file to each applicable LabQuest 3 unit.