Yes, you will need our Instrumentation Amplifier (INA-BTA), one of our interfaces, and our Logger Pro software.

Almost any laboratory instrument that has an output designed to interface with a chart recorder can be connected to our Instrumentation Amplifier. This will allow you to collect data with Logger Pro or LabQuest App.

Here are a few tips to help get good data with your third-party GC and our Instrumentation Amplifier:
1. Make sure there is enough voltage coming out of your third-party instrument to be in the range of our Instrumentation Amplifier. The smallest range is 0 – 20 mV. If, for example, you are only getting an output of 2 – 3 mV, you will most likely not have a successful signal even after amplification. See the following for more details about this:
     Instrumentation Amplifier Troubleshooting and FAQs
     What are the nominal gain settings for the Instrumentation Amplifier?
     I am using a third-party electrode with your Electrode Amplifier. How do I calibrate the electrode in Logger Pro 3?

2. If your voltage readings are noisy, you should connect the Earth ground of the Gas Chromatograph to the black post on the end of the Instrumentation Amplifier box where the sensor cable is located. Connecting the Earth ground in this way should reduce or eliminate any electronic noise.

3. Also, keep in mind that Logger Pro software and LabQuest App both have Peak Integration tools that can be used to integrate and quantify GC peaks. Once you have
collected GC data, you can simply choose Peak Integration from the Analyze menu. On this dialog, you can select and integrate peaks one at a time.