The most likely cause is your tap being interpreted as a swipe. When this happens, the LabQuest App goes out of view, often displaying the Home screen. This is most likely to happen when the button is near the sides of the screen, or when the section of the dialog that scrolls is close to the top notification bar.
Which gestures work with LabQuest 3 touch screen?

If your notification bar shows the LabQuest App icon, , but that icon is no longer underlined, then you likely just changed views. Tap the LabQuest App icon or swipe from the right side of the screen to return to the LabQuest App.

If the LabQuest App icon is no longer shown, then the LabQuest App has crashed and needs to be restarted. From the Home screen, tap the LabQuest App icon.

To reduce the likelihood of this happening, try the following:

  • Be careful not to drag your finger when tapping a button.
  • Avoid tapping the buttons right at the edge of the screen.
  • Start scrolling from a location further away from the top navigation bar, if possible.

If you continue to have trouble contact Vernier.

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