Users must enter a License Key to unlock the additional features in Graphical Analysis Pro. To enter the key:

  • Install Graphical Analysis if it is not already installed on a device. The current version is required.
  • An internet connection is required.
  • Launch Graphical Analysis.
  • Graphical Analysis will display a welcome screen. At the lower edge of the screen is a field for entering the activation key. Type or paste the key into this field, and click SUBMIT.
  • The key should be accepted. Repeat for additional devices.
Graphical Analysis welcome screen with field for License Key

If you enter your code and get an error message that states “Invalid Key,” either they key is bad, or more likely, the purchasing school authority has not yet accepted the EULA. This acceptance must be done by the agent originally purchasing Graphical Analysis Pro for the school, and is normally done as part of the purchase process. Sometimes this step is missed, resulting in this error message on entering your Graphical Analysis Pro code.

If you do not see the License Key field in the welcome dialog, uninstall and reinstall Graphical Analysis with the current version. Older versions of Graphical Analysis may not include this activation field.

If you are the purchasing agent for your school, you can accept the EULA. To do this, browse to and enter your Graphical Analysis Pro code. You’ll be prompted to accept the EULA by entering the email address you provided at time of purchase. Only this email will work. Once you do that you and your students will be able to activate Graphical Analysis Pro.

Browse to and enter your key in the field; click SUBMIT.
If the EULA has not been accepted you will see this screen. First review the End User License Agreement. Then enter the email that was supplied at the time of purchase, tick the box that you accept the EULA, and then click ACCEPT.

The EULA need be accepted only once.