This document describes an issue that was fixed in Logger Pro 3.16.2. The simplest solution is to get the updated silent installer for Logger Pro 3.16.2.

If you are trying to silently install 3.16.1, the installer will throw an interactive dialog box asking if you trust “Vernier Software Technology LLC”. This is because of the driver for the LabQuest 3 is signed with a different certificate than our other drivers, and we don’t preload that certificate before that step of the installer runs. If your school doesn’t own LabQuest 3s, the easiest solution to this problem is to just install Logger Pro 3.16.0.

If you need to install version 3.16.1, you can preload the certificate with the command line command:

certutil -addstore “TrustedPublisher” LQ3.cer

And then run the silent installer

Note you’ll need to LQ3 security certificate (LQ3.cer) which you can download here: