In November 2020 Apple released macOS 11 (Big Sur), as well as new hardware that use Apple Silicon chips instead of Intel chips. The first chip of this series is called the M1. Both the operating system and the chips are significant changes in the Mac environment.

Do Vernier apps run on macOS 11 (Big Sur), 12 (Monterey), and 13 (Ventura), on Intel or M1- or M2-based computers? Yes, with the following qualifications:

Known Logger Pro limitations:
• The WDSS is not supported on macOS 11 and newer.
• Video capture is not supported on macOS 10.14 and newer. See Video and image capture do not work in Logger Pro under macOS 10.14 Mojave or newer..
• Printing is not available on macOS 13.
• Connection to LabQuest Stream by Bluetooth is not supported on macOS 11 and newer. Use USB instead.
• Video analysis tools are not available on macOS 12.6 only; earlier and later macOS versions do not exhibit the issue. See Video Analysis buttons do not appear in Logger Pro running on macOS 12.6 only for more information.
• Screen redrawing performance will suffer if Logger Pro is used full screen on larger monitors.
• Screen redrawing performance will suffer if Logger Pro if screen objects (graphs, tables, etc) are allowed to overlap within the Logger Pro window.

Known limitations of other applications:
• The Power Amplifier App for Macintosh does not work on macOS 11 and newer due to LabVIEW limitations.

Graphical Analysis, Spectral Analysis, Instrumental Analysis, and Vernier Video Analysis have no known issues when run on Apple Silicon or macOS 11.1 and newer.

Do Vernier apps run on Apple-Silicon-based computers? Yes.

Currently shipping versions of Graphical Analysis, Instrumental Analysis, and Spectral Analysis are supported on M1 and M2 chips when used with macOS 11.1 or newer.

Logger Pro 3.16.2 and LabQuest Viewer have been tested and work normally with Apple Silicon processors, with the above exceptions for macOS 11 and newer behavior with Bluetooth and slow graphing.

All of these applications are compiled for Intel chips, but will run on Apple Silicon computers. Like all Intel-compiled apps, the first time an Intel app is launched on a new Apple Silicon computer, the OS will prompt to install Rosetta 2 utility software. This is expected and required for the use of Vernier apps, or any Intel-compiled application.

Vernier Video Analysis is browser-based and so it is unaffected by the processor change.

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