Attention chemistry and physics teachers! You now have a cool way to display and measure gas discharge tube emissions with our new Spectrum Tube Power Supplies and gas discharge tubes. These products are designed to be safe, convenient, and long lasting. One version of the Power Supply even has a carousel that holds up to eight gas discharge tubes. The gas tubes are permanently enclosed in plastic carriers that protect the tubes from breakage. There are no through-the-glass electrodes, so the tubes last far longer than other designs.

The Red Tide Emissions Spectrometer and Optical Fiber are used here with the Spectrum Tube Carousel Power Supply.

To get you started with this new product, we have written a sample lab experiment that explores the Balmer lines of the hydrogen gas emissions spectrum and guides the student to confirm, through calculation, the Rydberg constant.

Emission spectrum of hydrogen

Download the Rydberg Constant Lab »