A crime has been committed, and there’s only one group of people that can solve it–your students! Join Vernier chemistry expert Nüsret Hisim as he demonstrates how students can use their detective skills and a common chemistry experiment to crack the case of a performer’s makeup sabotage via a vengeful chemical contamination. Gain strategies for providing a hands-on lesson in titration, as well as teaching chemical reactions, practice with writing double replacement reaction equations, and dilution equations.

Through this video, you will
• Explore opportunities to teach chemical reactions and conservation of atoms, and using knowledge of element properties to predict reactions.
• Find out how students can analyze and interpret data using computational and mathematical tools, and construct theories based on reliable evidence obtained from multiple sources.
• Gain hands-on experience using the data sharing feature of Vernier Graphical Analysis® Pro app along with a Go Direct pH Sensor and a Go Direct Drop Counter to conduct the experiment.