Spark scientific curiosity in your students through a captivating demonstration of burning magnesium, along with a hands-on experiment illustrating Hess’s law! This video lays the foundation for year-round chemistry learning by teaching essential concepts like calorimetry, enthalpy, and molar heats of reaction. Vernier chemistry expert Nüsret Hisim demonstrates how students could confirm Hess’s law by utilizing a polystyrene foam cup calorimeter to measure temperature changes across two distinct reactions.


Educators will 

  • Walk away with a practical alternative to burning magnesium that allows your students to gain hands-on experience confirming Hess’s law using a Go Direct® Temperature Probe and Vernier Graphical Analysis® Pro.
  • Discover our recommended strategies for introducing data-collection technology to students, implementing lab safety, and getting students comfortable in the lab while learning important fundamentals. 
  • Explore the technology we recommend for any lesson in thermodynamics, as well as best practices for using one of our most versatile tools in your class or laboratory.

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