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The students should understand Young’s double-slit interference as given by s = λD/d where s is the separation of fringes, d is the separation of the slits, and D is the distance from the slits to the screen


Here are experiments our science specialists have selected to support this IB* topic.


Experiment #19 from Advanced Physics with Vernier — Beyond Mechanics

In this experiment, you will

  • Compare and contrast features of the patterns produced on a screen when light from a laser passes through either one or two slits.
  • Discern which features of the pattern arise from the interaction of the light with the single slit and which arise from the double slits.
  • Use the principle of superposition to explain how waves from two sources could interfere constructively or destructively.
  • Use a diagrammatic explanation of how path length differences for light passing through the two slits give rise to bright and dark fringes in the pattern.
  • From experimental parameters, predict the spacing between bright (or dark) fringes in the pattern.
  • Collect intensity vs. position data to test your predictions.

Educational Standard
International Baccalaureate (IB) 2025
C Wave behaviour
C.3 Wave phenomena
Standard level and higher level

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