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IB Physics

Please choose a topic below for experiments that our science specialists have selected to help students deepen their knowledge.

A Space, time and motion

A.1 Kinematics

A.2 Forces and momentum

A.3 Work, energy and power

A.4 Rigid body mechanics

B The particulate nature of matter

B.1 Thermal energy transfers

B.3 Gas Laws

B.4 Thermodynamics

B.5 Currents and Circuits

C Wave behaviour

C.1 Simple harmonic motion

C.2 Wave model

C.3 Wave phenomena

C.4 Standing waves and resonance

C.5 Doppler effect

D Fields

D.2 Electrical magnetic fields

D.4 Induction

E Nuclear and quantum physics

E.1 Structure of the atom

E.2 Quantum physics

E.3 Radioactive decay

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