In this exercise, you will create a simple program using the Analog Express VI to collect data for a length of 0.1 second at a rate of 10,000 samples/second. This timing configuration results in 1001 data points. It is important to note how the data are displayed in this example. Namely, this is an example of multi-point data collection, where all data points are displayed on the graph following the collection of all 1001 data points. The Express VI is designed to return data in this multi-point method whenever the data-collection rate is greater than 200 samples/second. At slower rates, data are returned on a point-by-point basis.


In this exercise, you will

  • Create a LabVIEW VI.
  • Become familiar with the LabVIEW environment.
  • Acquire Microphone data.
  • Display data in a graphical form.