In this initial activity, students create a simple program to collect and display data from a sensor. Students are introduced to mBlock™ programming as they create their first program. Students learn how to connect sensors and displays from the mBot™ STEM Classroom Kit to the mBot, and interact with these devices through mBlock programming. These skills build an important foundation for the rest of the Coding with mBot: Life Hacks activities.

Preview Activity

Preview the “Personal Weather Assistant” activity. The preview includes student instructions, instructor information guide, sample program code, and more.


  • Practice writing code, uploading and running a program on mBot, and troubleshooting code when problems arise.
  • Practice using “if-then” blocks, and loops in mBlock.
  • Understand the importance of adding comments to programs.
  • Engineer the physical design of a robot, including consideration for the user interface.
  • Use a variable and customize the user experience (extensions only).